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Jim Swanson



Take PRIDE In Your Supplements!


Jim Swanson

"Pride Athlete"

I take pride in everything I do. Whether its training my clients or myself, I give 100% no matter what. I run a routine that is very consistent. Day in and day out, my routine is the same. The way I work out, the way I eat, and the way I train is always consistent.

I want to disclose how PRIDE Nutrition supplements have been part of my dailyIMG_5853Swansonweb.jpg routine. I am very in tune with my body. I know exactly what is working when I put new things in my routine. Recently, I followed the suggestions offered to me on how to make my body optimal as far as performance and recovery. These suggestions were made to me by the knowledgeable PRIDE Nutrition representatives.

I eat 6 meals per day. Breakfast includes 3 scoops of
RESPECT, 1 Multi-Vitamins, 1
AMMUNITION, 1 DIALED-IN, 1 Premium Green, 1 scoop of GLUTAMINE, 2 EFA tabs, and 2 NPR tabs. Anytime I ingest carbohydrates, I make sure to take at least 1 C-GONE with 5 AMMUNITION tabs. This combination helps load the nutrients into my muscle. I always take 1 scoop RETALIATE, and add 1 scoop (5 grams) of GLUTAMINE to my RESPECT Protein shakes to help with my recovery and making sure my muscle stays full. In the middle of the night, I will take an additional 5 grams of GLUTAMINE on an empty stomach to keep my muscle in an anabolic environment.

Swanson_Image1WEB.jpgBefore bed every night, I will take in 3 more scoops of
RESPECT with one added scoop of 1 Premium Green, GLUTAMINE, 2 NPR tabs, and 1 Multi-Vitamins. Generally throughout the day, I will take 2 EFA tabs with every meal. This supplement routine is consistent anytime I go into contest preparation.

I am able to hold more muscle mass and have stronger workouts all the way up to the show. My recovery powers are enhanced and my ability to train harder is evident. Since following the advice of the representatives at PRIDE, I am pleased to be making progression on a daily basis.

I would suggest to everyone to be consistent with your nutrition, training, and most importantly your supplement routine. You can then gauge exactly how PRIDE can help you too.

Thank you PRIDE Nutrition!